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Chin smoothing

Some people use their chin muscles a lot during speaking and facial expressions resulting in a bunching or dimpling of their chin. This is related to an overactive mentalis muscle. This can over time, lead to a crease in the chin, but also result in decreasing the projection of the chin. Muscle relaxant injections can help relax the muscle, but filler is also another choice to help fill the crease and often results in less activity of the muscle too. During the consultation your clinician will assess which is the best option for you. Sometimes a combination of the two results in an optimal outcome.

  • Chin smoothing treatment (50 Units) £220.00

    50 units are standard dose, but some clients might need more. This will be discussed during your consultation.

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Achieve a Beautifully Balanced Profile with Our Chin Smoothing Treatment: Embrace a Refined and Elegant Look

Cutting-Edge Techniques for Chin Smoothing

Our Chin Smoothing Treatment is designed to address concerns related to chin wrinkles, dimpling, and uneven texture. Our expert practitioners utilize a range of advanced techniques, including dermal fillers, anti-wrinkle injections, and non-surgical skin resurfacing methods, such as radiofrequency and electroporation or chemical peels, to provide you with a tailored and effective solution. By selecting the most appropriate technique for your unique needs and concerns, we ensure that you receive the best possible results, enhancing your overall facial harmony and boosting your confidence.

Minimal Recovery Time for a Quick Transformation

One of the advantages of our Chin Smoothing Treatment is the minimal recovery time, allowing you to return to your daily activities and enjoy your rejuvenated appearance without delay. Depending on the chosen technique, recovery time can vary from minimal downtime for injectable treatments to after a few session for non-surgical skin resurfacing options. Our experienced practitioners will provide you with detailed aftercare instructions and support to ensure a smooth and speedy recovery.

Potential Side Effects and Risks

Your safety and satisfaction are our top priorities at the London and Surrey Aesthetics clinic. While complications and side effects are uncommon, it’s essential to be informed about potential risks associated with Chin Smoothing Treatments. Injectable treatments may cause temporary redness, swelling, or bruising at the treatment site. Non-surgical skin resurfacing techniques may result in mild skin irritation, peeling, or sensitivity. Rest assured that our skilled team takes every precaution to minimize risks and provide the best possible outcome for your chin smoothing experience.

Long-Lasting Results for a Refined Profile

Our Chin Smoothing Treatment offers long-lasting results that can significantly enhance your facial harmony. Depending on the chosen treatment option and individual factors, you can expect the results to last between 3 to 12 months. As the effects begin to wear off, you can easily schedule a follow-up appointment to maintain your beautifully smooth and refined chin.

Discover Your Elegant and Balanced Transformation

Envision a reflection that showcases a beautifully balanced profile, complete with a smooth, elegant chin that perfectly complements your facial features.

Our Chin Smoothing Treatment can help you achieve this remarkable transformation, boosting your confidence in your appearance.

The dedicated team at the London and Surrey Aesthetics clinic is committed to enhancing your beauty and guiding you towards a more refined, harmonious look. Don’t hesitate to experience the life-changing benefits of a beautifully contoured chin – book your appointment today and step into a new realm of elegance and poise.

Client Reviews

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I had a really great experience with this clinic. I knew nothing about skin or what my skincare should have been and Marie was able to complete a really thorough consultation that was individual to my needs. I now have a proper skin routine that is focused on my combo skin and it’s never looked better!
Ambre McGee
I have had botox and cheek filler with Marie and am super happy with the result. Marie is very thorough and focused on ensuring the results looked natural and enhanced my natural look (i.e) how I looked 10 years ago! She also gave me great skin care advice which has really helped my confidence (and skin).
I've visited Marie for a couple of treatments recently, and would highly recommend her. She is knowledgeable and thorough in the consultation, and seems to know exactly what's needed to sort the areas that I'm not happy with. Marie has really sorted my jowls with filler so naturally, it has taken years off!