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Masseter muscle / jaw relaxation

Unfortunately, some people overuse their jaw muscles.  If the masseter muscle gets large enough it causes squaring of the jaw line. Some patients therefore become self conscious about the shape of their face and would prefer a more heart shaped/oval looking face. This is especially true in females who generally have a more heart shaped face. If the problem has been going on long enough, it can take several sessions to weaken the muscle and restore the normal jaw line shape.

Overactivity of the masseter muscles can be a result of teeth grinding. Whilst we do not diagnose teeth grinding (please see a dentist if you are having issues with this), we can deal with overactivity in the muscles. Some people are not aware of their teeth grinding as it is done during sleep.  Therefore, if you wake in the morning with pain in your jaw, please see a dentist as they can offer a full assessment and possibly a mouth guard to prevent teeth damage.

The full benefits with this muscle can take 6 weeks to take effect and lasts approximately 4-6 months.

  • Masseter Muscle Treatment (50 units) £300.00

    50 units are standard dose, but some clients might need more. This will be discussed during your consultation.

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Achieve a Refined and Elegant Jawline with Our jaw shaping Treatment

Embrace a More Graceful Appearance with this Innovative Treatment for Jaw Muscle Relaxation’

Our Jaw shaping treatment is designed to address concerns related to a square or bulky jawline. The treatment involves the careful administration of muscle-relaxing injections into the masseter muscles, which are responsible for the movement of the jaw. By relaxing these muscles, we can create a more refined and softer jawline.

Experience the Benefits of Jaw Relaxation

Our clients love the many benefits of our jaw shaping treatment. This procedure can also dramatically enhance your facial aesthetics. A more slender and contoured jawline contributes to a delicate, graceful appearance, allowing you to feel more confident and self-assured in your looks.

Long-Lasting Results for a Stunning Silhouette

You can expect the results of our Masseter Muscle / Jaw Relaxation Treatment to last between 3 to 6 months. As the effects begin to wear off, you can easily schedule a follow-up appointment to maintain your beautifully refined jawline. By incorporating this treatment into your regular beauty routine, you can continue to enjoy the benefits of a more elegant and balanced facial appearance.

Minimal Side Effects and Risks

Our expert practitioners are committed to ensuring your safety and comfort during the jaw shaping treatment. While side effects and risks are rare, some clients may experience mild redness, swelling, or bruising at the injection site, which typically resolves within a few hours to a couple of days. Our experienced team takes every precaution to minimize any potential complications and deliver the best possible results for your jaw relaxation and contouring.

Discover Your Refined and Elegant Jawline Transformation

Whilst some patients require multiple treatments to achieve a heart shaped face, which the jaw shaping treatment achieves, it is worth the wait, as the face if feminised and gives a much more aesthetically pleasing appearance. In turn, this helps people achieve the transformation and increased confidence they were looking for.

At the London and Surrey Aesthetics clinic, we are dedicated to helping you enhance your beauty and embrace a more refined, elegant look. Don’t wait to experience the life-changing benefits of a beautifully contoured jawline – book your appointment today and step into a new world of elegance and poise.

Client Reviews

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I had a really great experience with this clinic. I knew nothing about skin or what my skincare should have been and Marie was able to complete a really thorough consultation that was individual to my needs. I now have a proper skin routine that is focused on my combo skin and it’s never looked better!
Ambre McGee
I have had botox and cheek filler with Marie and am super happy with the result. Marie is very thorough and focused on ensuring the results looked natural and enhanced my natural look (i.e) how I looked 10 years ago! She also gave me great skin care advice which has really helped my confidence (and skin).
I've visited Marie for a couple of treatments recently, and would highly recommend her. She is knowledgeable and thorough in the consultation, and seems to know exactly what's needed to sort the areas that I'm not happy with. Marie has really sorted my jowls with filler so naturally, it has taken years off!